Who is Godvrede?

Navigating through life without GPS

22 years ago, in a small town named Geldrop in The Netherlands, a little girl was born to Congolese/Angolan parents. From a young age she moved to Westerlo and did a lot of things to find her passion which she has now discovered.

Modeling and fashion is something she always loved to do. Doing small shoots like this have helped me evolve and hepled me get over some fears I had been struggling with since the beginning of time. This is a visual presentation of a part of the work I have accomplished and something I’m very proud of!

SUITS explained

A series made by GRCA with only Godvrede as a model

Different suits, different outfits, Different setting, Same concept!

A shoot between two friends, or a photographer and a model

Who’s GRCA?

GRCA also known as Gerson Ntiti is a long time friend of Godvrede, whom she worked together with on numerous projects. Besides being a potographer, he also works as a videographer and DJ. He is the photographer and creative director behind the “SUITS” series. Want to see more of his work? Check his Instagram and Webpage below.